Leading the way to success for our customers, partners, and company is the top industry talent in providing service and solutions for the public sector. Our leadership team is unparalleled in experience and success delivering exceptional results for public agencies. Each founding partner in our executive leadership team is recognized across the country for their talent, insight, and commitment to assisting agencies to acheive objectives and improve service to their constituents.

Kent Johnson | Chief Executive Officer, Founding Partner

As the Chief Executive Officer and founding partner of TruePoint Solutions, Kent Johnson oversees the company and sets its operational strategy. Kent is an engaged and empowering leader, who takes an active role in ensuring tactics at the corporate level are expertly managed and executed. He manages and performs human resources responsibilities, financials, contract management, and a myriad of additional organizational duties. As important to the company’s success is his inherent ability to build and nurture relationships with TruePoint’s customer base and market. He has earned widespread recognition and respect as a leader of industry. Under his leadership, the company has thrived and achieved unqualified success.

Kent’s career spans an impressive 47 years in which he has been an active contributor to the evolution and progression of modern technology. At every stage, he has developed innovative practical technology applications across multiple industries. For the last 35 years, he has brought and facilitated technology solutions for local governments, improving the operations and the way public agencies provide services to their constituents. In the 17 years prior to launching TruePoint Solutions, Kent was the Chief Operating Officer at a company that developed and provided leading software solutions for the public sector. Under his charge, the company realized exponential growth and expansion in its offering and reach. Kent endeavored to extend the company’s footprint and offerings beyond its North American roots to become an international entity with locations and customers around the globe including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, Brazil, and Japan.

Kent is an outstanding leader, with a keen business sense, a benevolent nature, and an affinity for bringing out the best in everyone he encounters. He brings uncommonly astute insight to the objectives of both TruePoint Solutions, its partners, and its customers. Not surprisingly, many of TruePoint’s customers initially engaged with the company because they had previously worked directly or indirectly with Kent and came in with full confidence about the quality of service and attention they would receive. Within the company, Kent brings a warm and human aspect to the business and inspires loyalty and a drive to perform at best levels among employees, by treating everyone in the company as family, and with acceptance, respect, and encouragement to excel.

Kent leads an active lifestyle and regularly participates in water and snow sports, as well as being an adventure angler and an avid pickleball player. He’s also appreciated in his social circle for his masterful backyard grilling abilities.

Kent holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems Management from University of San Francisco.

Robert Strouse | Chief Technology Officer, Founding Partner

Robert Strouse is TruePoint Solutions’ Chief Technology Officer and a founding partner. He leads the technology and software direction for TruePoint Solutions’ products with a focus on developing and enhancing software that equips public agencies and water districts to serve their citizens well and to operate efficiently. Robert holds the company’s offerings to the highest standards of functionality, benefit, and longevity. Robert sets TruePoint apart by planning and developing software that performs optimally for current needs and remains up to date, relevant, and practical through regular enhancements. His strategy has proven to be one of the many differentiators between TruePoint’s software solutions and most of its competitors, as the solutions are designed to perform for the long term, as opposed to the planned expiration built into other leading software. He holds the primary responsibility for the company’s product roadmap and applies his technical prowess and industry insight to ensure that the company’s software solutions align with industry trends, customer needs, and current and upcoming legislation.

Over the 12 years prior to launching TruePoint Solutions, Robert was the Chief Technology Officer at an international software company that developed market-leading software solutions for public sector agencies. During his tenure there, Robert and his team were responsible for tremendous advancements in the company’s software solutions, many of which are still in use by public agencies across the country. He was the leader in charge of the applications and architecture for major software versions across all product lines. Robert also served honorably in the US Air Force as a SR-71 Crew Chief.

Robert is a strong analytical thinker with an affinity for problem-solving and the ability to envision solutions beyond current standards. His predisposition to identify and create improvements extends beyond his business endeavors. He has applied his technical aptitude to a variety of home projects, resulting in highly modernized and efficient features. Robert grew up in a dairy farm setting and finds personal satisfaction in growing and cross-cultivating fruit trees.

Robert graduated from the University of Maryland, with degrees in Math, Science, and Engineering.

Keith Hobday | Director of Implementation, Founding Partner

Keith is a founding partner of TruePoint Solutions and leads TruePoint’s Professional Services Division ensuring customers’ success and satisfaction of our partner product implementations. Keith is a results-driven leader who creates successful outcomes for our customers. He raises the bar for TruePoint’s customers, who have come to expect and consistently receive outstanding services and optimal results. He is exceptionally skilled in listening to the requests and objectives of client agencies and identifying the best solutions, workflows, and processes to meet their immediate and future needs. Over the course of his 35-year career, he has cultivated countless professional relationships, and is a nationally recognized presenter at industry events.

Keith launched his career following his graduation from Sacramento State University. He joined an international company that was rising as a leader in developing and providing software solutions for the public sector. In the 17 years that followed, Keith advanced the company, its offerings, and his career with continually more progressive technology and innovations to improve how public sector agencies serve their citizens. He began his tenure as a programmer, proving his abilities and vision for technology solutions along the way as he ultimately rose to the position of Vice President of Professional Services. His purview extended across the company’s full range of public sector software solutions.

Keith is a natural leader, and his record of outstanding results reflects his business and technical acumen and his focus on achieving success and satisfaction for customers. He spends time in his personal life with health-conscious activities, and fully embraces outdoor adventures, such as backpacking and fishing. He has also participated in multiple triathlons and marathons, including the Boston Marathon.

Keith holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from CSU Sacramento.

Don Hunsinger | Manager of Software Development and Customer Service, Founding Member

Don Hunsinger is the Manager of Software Development and Customer Service and a founding member of TruePoint Solutions. He takes an active role in the full realm of TruePoint’s software solutions, as well as his work at the company level. As a senior leader focused on TruePoint’s software offerings, Don measures trends and customer challenges to stay apprised of current and upcoming needs in the market and uses that information in developing the product roadmap with TruePoint’s Chief Technology Officer. Through industry engagement, communication with customers, and participation in the company’s proposals in response to agency RFPs, he stays attuned to not only challenges and needs, but is also able to foresee additional components and products to be developed that will keep customers operating optimally using leading-edge technology.

Don’s career has spanned 35 years providing technology solutions for the public sector. Immediately after graduating from college, he began his career, joining a leading company that provided technology solutions for the public sector. Over the next 17 years prior to founding TruePoint Solutions, Don fast-tracked within the company to increasingly more complex projects and roles of greater responsibility. He began with programming and development of innovations based in technology and progressed to management of software engineering. Over the course of his tenure there, he was involved in a range of areas, including project management, contributions to the product roadmap, and the development and management of solutions for asset and work management, permitting, and tax assessments.

An important component to Don’s success is his ability to listen well to gain an understanding of requests and needs. He is highly skilled in translating the challenges and objectives communicated from customers into solutions that address needs and result in successful outcomes. His natural talent for problem-solving and predisposition to have a positive impact in all that he approaches have benefitted his companies, customers, and community. In addition to his contributions that have led to his successful business endeavors, Don is a generous and benevolent citizen, who volunteers his time and efforts to serve in regional search and rescue initiatives. In his spare time, Don enjoys building projects at home and outdoor adventures on land and water.

Don holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from CSU Sacramento.