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All of your CIS/Utility Billing processes in a configurable, browser-based solution to simplify work, streamline workflows, improve productivity, and boost citizen satisfaction

TrueBill allows you to work more efficiently within your parameters, so you can say “Good-bye” to endless workarounds, dozens of open screens, and redundant data entry to perform tasks and access information. TrueBill is scalable and integrates seamlessly with most leading financial and asset management systems to optimize your efficiency.

Our leading-edge solution was developed on the latest platforms to ensure you are operating at the forefront of proven technology. The result is the functionality you need to operate optimally, the flexibility to adapt to changes as needed, and robust support.

TrueBill for You

Leverage one, some, or all of TrueBill's system components to fit your needs:

  • Customer Billing: Automatically generate itemized customer bills with a breakdown of current and historical usage, fees, rates and tiers, meter read and billing dates, and more.
  • Accounts receivable: Automatically route payments, charges, credits, transfers, and deposits into agency-defined revenue, cash, and expense account structures.
  • Debt management: Manage delinquent accounts to create collection processes and apply associated fees, and generate service orders for service shut off.
  • Service orders: Accept and manage a full range of service orders, access associated data, and attach to accounts.
  • Central cash management: Secure, real-time payment processing and receipt printing, with full audit trail reporting and optional interfaces to cash drawers.
  • Meter management: Import and review meter readings, including usage statistics such as high/low usage, rollovers, and unexpected usage, and issue service orders as warranted.
  • Backflow prevention: Track and record backflow prevention device inspections.
  • Water allocations and use tiers: Support water conservation requirements with assigned rate tier management.
  • Customer portal: Equip customers to access account information and submit service requests online 24/7.


Simplified and Streamlined Work
Configurable and Flexible
Seamless Integration

Gain unprecedented transparency for easy access and tracking to view usage, billing, service history, and status. All of the information needed is available quickly and easily from a single screen!


Accessible from anywhere and any device with a secure network connection. Keep your staff connected in real-time and your solutions available to keep your processes active and data current.


TrueBill accommodates your requirements, while improving the way you work. It can be deployed to our AWS cloud environment, your cloud-hosting environment, or your on-premise server. Effortlessly adjust billing periods, rate tiers, and more.


TrueBill allows for tight integration with most leading financial, asset management, and GIS systems, so your efficiency is maximized, and redundant entry and work is virtually eliminated.

TruePoint’s Browser-based Technology allows unprecedented integration opportunities.

“We have been so impressed with TrueBill and our implementation team, I would truly recommend them to any potential customer. The ability to do most of your work from one screen has made our process so much more streamlined than anything we have experienced before.”
—Matt Wheelis, Accounting Manager, Brazos River Authority

TrueCIP Customer Information Portal

Improve your citizens’ experience, satisfaction, and confidence with TrueCIP

TrueCIP is built-in to TrueBill to allow your customers to pay bills online, start or end service, access status and billing history, submit service requests, and more. Customers can also see a graphical representation of their current and historical usage. And TrueCIP interfaces with TrueBill, so information is always up to date.

Empower customers with 24/7 self-service from anywhere and any device with a secure internet connection. Equipped with access to find answers to the most common account inquiries, call volume is dramatically reduced, and customers’ satisfaction is significantly improved.

Customer Service

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