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TruePoint Backflow Program Management

Efficiently manage your backflow program and ensure regulatory compliance.

TruePoint BPM is a comprehensive solution that provides staff with all the necessary tools to manage your backflow compliance program. Its built-in automation and validation features eliminate the tedious, manual, and convoluted work so staff can focus on critical tasks. The top-rated solution gives your agency state-of-the-art management of and full visibility into all devices, contractors, test kits, testing status, and compliance. It automates, streamlines, and simplifies existing processes to be significantly more accurate, effective, and efficient.

    Key Features

Backflow Inventory Management

TruePoint BPM tracks critical information about each backflow assembly including location, serial number, manufacturer, customer, device and assembly type, testing schedule, testing history, and site notes. Staff can easily search for and manage inventory through configurable and easy-to-use tools.

Contractor and Personnel Management

TruePoint BPM maintains contractor records, personnel records, certifications, and required documentation, as well as configuring workflow process to match organizational requirements.

Backflow Test Kit Inventory

TruePoint BPM maintains the Test Kit inventory for each contractor along with calibration status and renewal dates. Easily track the test kit associated with each backflow test.

Backflow Test & Notice Generation

Easily create and manage backflow tests and notices in bulk through batches. Configure each test notice and define the test delinquency process based on your organization’s requirements.


View current testing results and metrics on demand using configurable dashboards. Standard and custom reports are developed using SQL Server Reporting Services.


Automated processes eliminate the need for manual tracking, redundant data entry, and manual scheduling, saving significant time and effort, while reducing the potential for human error.


Quick and easy visibility into all information associated with your jurisdiction's backflow compliance - contractor licensing, due dates, status, results, records, archives, and more. And eliminate the need to scan and store paper documents, while you minimize your agency's reliance on paper.


Simplify and remove the stress from staying in compliance with configurable parameters and standards and easy reporting to see upcoming due dates. Regular confirmation of compliant assemblies keeps citizens safe from contaminants escaping into consumers' water supply and gives your community peace of mind.


Easily notify property owners of upcoming and second notice testing due dates, and set up notifications to keep staff apprised of properties' status.

         TrueVCP Vendor Contractor Portal

TrueVCP is a companion module that integrates seamlessly with TruePoint BPM and provides backflow testers with a web-based portal to submit backflow tests and testing-related documentation.

Contractor Certifications & Renewals

Contractors can upload certification documentation for approval and are notified when they are due for renewal.

Backflow Test Kits & Calibration

Contractors can upload details of their backflow test kits and calibration documentation and are notfied when test kits are due to be calibrated.

Backflow Test Reports & Repairs

Provides users with easy to complete dynamic test forms validated by the system to ensure data accuracy.

Designated Signatories

Provides tools for designated signatories to enter testing results for one or more backflow testers by providing appropriate documentation for approval.



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